Looking like your fresh out of the gym is the new black

There’s no denying it – fitness has taken the fashion world by storm. Strappy sports bras, low cut tanks, and matching shoes to pull it all together- gym chic is a thing.. a big thing. 

My clothes make me feel confident. Sometimes it’s even one of those ‘fake it till you make it’ type deals, but it gets me where I need to be. Being in the gym is no different. Actually, being in the gym is when you need that confidence the most. img_4207Buying a new gym tank or even the perfect fitting yogas has never failed me in the motivation department, if anything it makes me want to get in the gym that much more.

Lululemon may have been the first but surely won’t be the last. Every fashion forward (and smart) retailer now carries an athletic line ranging anywhere from ‘college girl affordable’ to ‘I need to get another job.’ The key is to know when and where to spend your money. I will be the first to tell you – get yourself some good pants. Squats and cheap yogas do not go well together so feel free to splurge on that end. BUT for cute tanks and sports bras, skip the big label and shop smart.

T.J. Maxx + Marshalls

This one deserves to be first because it’s just that good. BIG NAMES SMALL PRICES – you can’t beat that! I’ve purchased some of my favorite workout pieces from TJ’s and I continue to stumble upon the best clothes. One of my favorite yoga brands is 90 Degrees – its cheap but the quality is too good to be true. I absolutely love these for lifting because they don’t fall down and everything stays nice and covered. There are so many name brand tanks and sports bras like New Balance, Adidas, and the occasional Under Armor. If you don’t have a T.J. (I have everything and I’m great) Maxx – visit Tjmaxx.com!


90 Degrees: $16.99 vs. Lululemon $118.00

Macy’s + Kohl’s

Great name brands at great prices. Both of these department stores carry Nike, Adidas, and even more fashion friendly lines like my favorite, Calvin Klein. Ive been wanting to mention these for quite some time, the Calvin Klein Performance sports bras are gods gift to earth. They are so incredibly comfortable and their quality is amazing. I currently have five (thank you Chad) and I wear them every time I go to the gym. Not to mention they’re reversible so 2 bras actually means 4 #$AVINGS.  The best part about Macy’s or Kohl’s is c o u p o n s! They’re always having promotions and I think he even picked a few of these up for under ten dollars.

Old Navy

I was extremely surprised by how much I love their athletic line. I was hesitant at first but, their tops and sports bras are comfy and great quality. I have such a love/hate relationship with Nike running shorts because their built in underwear just don’t work for me. I absolutely love Old Navy’s running shorts, they aren’t too tight, too short, or too expensive.


Old Navy $26.94 vs. Lululemon $54.00

Forever 21 + H&M

I feel like I say ‘I was skeptical’ with every line I talk about. Well I was REALLY skeptical with this one! Forever 21 is definitely known for its cheap yet trendy clothes but with the amount of activewear they carry plus the great reviews, I had to include it. I’m a huge fan of H&M, their quality has always been top of the line and I was so excited to see their sportsline holding true as well. Somethings are a bit more expensive than F21 but still at an affordable price.


Forever 21 $12.90 vs. Zella $38.00


Nike, Adidas, and even Lululemon has clearance sections on their websites. If you’ve been eying down a new top or even your favorite yogas, check the sometimes hidden tab for everything that didn’t sell last season. Big brands can still be affordable if you look at the right time!

When you look good, you feel good. On some days, that means an old tee shirt and sweats and others, it means you rock that new outfit. Whatever gets you feeling confident and motivated in the gym – do it!

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite gym chic brands are.. because you know, I could always use more clothes.. (sorry Chad hehe)

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