I’m always looking for different, flavorful, and convenient ways to get my meals in throughout the day. Of course eating carbs is never a problem for me but sometimes rice just gets old. These nutrient packed bites are full of fiber, flavor, and go great with some grilled thai chicken and peanut sauce.

I chose to add spinach, edamame, and extra garlic but kale or black beans are great alternatives – fill these puppies up! They’re small but mighty.

My Stuffing

Quinoa for my base of course, one cup of edamame, one chopped sweet onion, three gloves of garlic, one cup of spinach, four eggs, and one-half cup of bread crumbs.



Before you start the excruciating  process (only kidding), preheat your oven to 375ยบ and cook up two cups of quinoa.

Now the hard part – combine everything! Save a small amount of bread crumbs for finishing touches.


Press into a muffin tin / I added a bit more on top to really pack them in there. This is when I sprinkled the remaining bit of breadcrumbs on top of the bites!


Bake for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown and delicious looking.




These are perfect for weekly meal prepping or even if your dinners need a delicious and healthy makeover. Fill them with what you want, whatever you’d like, and ensure yourself a super healthy meal!

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