It’s all about eating foods that make you feel good, loving the body that you’re in, and living the healthiest you

Hi I’m Hanna and I am the recipe developer, photographer, and writer of The Healthiest Me! I am a fourth year Nutrition student from Youngstown, Ohio and I’m all about living and loving the healthiest me

My start was a bit different, but none the less important. I started blogging in 2014 when I left for college number one. At the time, I was determined to help college gals like myself avoid the ‘freshman fifteen’ and to balance a healthy lifestyle with university living. My dream was short lived after I quickly gained 25+ pounds from synthetic protein bars, low-fat fillers, and every gluten free cookie within a twenty-mile radius. As quickly as I gained the weight, I realized I had no clue what healthy was and felt completely defeated, both mentally and physically. I was caught in the swell of Instagram, counting every calorie, restricting myself from most foods, and hating the body I was in.

It wasn’t until I made an appointment with a clinical nutritionist that I became aware of the damage I was doing to my body. He explained very clearly that the path I was in was anything but healthy; so much so that my liver was not functioning properly, my kidneys were slowly wearing down, and my constant migraines were not a coincidence. It was clear that I needed to transfer home to Youngstown, learn how to heal my body, and truly pursue my passion in nutrition. After doing so, my entire world changed. I met the love of my life, Chad; I lost the weight that I gained, learned how to appreciate my body and imperfections, and found a purpose in helping others. It wasn’t instant, it took a lot of time, but I have found my meaning of The Healthiest Me.

Three years later and I’m doing exactly what I love. My goal in every blog post is to share a bit of my life, my past or present, and to show you that there is light in eating foods that make you feel good. My recipes are and will always be simple, wholesome, and nutritious. I like to keep things real, I say yes to food, and I enjoy my food without a side of guilt. I love to chat about simple nutrition as much as holistic nutrition; three ingredient protein balls as much as what we ate for dinner yesterday. I’m figuring things out as a twenty-something year old nutrition student with an open mind, intuitive soul, and everlasting appetite. I’m so glad you’re here!


27 thoughts on “Meet Hanna

  1. Hi Hanna, I love what you stand for girl. Inspiring others it pretty darn incredible!!! I love following you blog!! Keep up the hard work!! You’re progress is amazing and you’re positivity shines!!!

  2. Hey, Hanna, thanks for stopping by my new blog, Angie Mc Now, and shooting a like my way. I appreciate your energy, tenacity, and willingness to change. Change can be rough, especially when we work hard on one path only to learn that we need to be on a different path! But each effort gets us closer to our goal of being our best self.

    I’m in AZ, closing on our current home, and moving to Tempe July 1. How about meeting for lunch at a foodie place, Pita Jungle perhaps, sometime? Consider this an open invitation 😀 If our paths don’t cross, just know that I’m rooting for you!

  3. Looking forward to following your blog. I lived in AZ for 23 years and now reside in TX. I looked into the ASU course you talked about and find it totally up my alley! It would be so weird to attend college out of state when I used to live there! Thanks for the insight!

  4. One thing I learned in a movie from Dan Millman called the Peaceful Warrior is that it is the journey not the destination and that each moment we are always on the journey to obtain self centeredness (not selfishness) within the four main components of life health, wealth, love and happiness. Smart girl for so young.

  5. What a gripping “about me” page! Ha, I’ve never read one that I was genuinely interested in until today. Thanks for the “like,” and I’ll be following your blog from now on!

  6. I love your page and I have been on a similar fitness journey. I have just started my blog but I don’t know how to get it out there. Any advice would be great! I look forward to reading more. x

    1. Hi Jade! Congratulations on starting a blog, it’s such a fun experience! Building an audience is all about creating your presence. As cliche as it might be, consistency is key and the more you write, the more people will read. Along with writing, it’s important to engage with other bloggers as well! So just as you did with me, stopping by to say “hi” is a great way to gain some attention! Marketing yourself and your blog through outside platforms is another really great way to build an audience. I personally really love Instagram, Facebook and even Pinterest. Building a following takes so much time and some days will seem like it’s not even worth it. But believe me, it is! I’m still in that process but I’ve learned to just appreciate each and every subscriber like it’s my first. Keep with it, have fun, be you, and the rest will fall into place! I wish you all the best and I can’t wait to see what you have in store!

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