I used to be so proud to be at the gym on thanksgiving morning – I couldn’t help but think “man NOW I can eat all the food!” Little ol’ naive Hanna, you’re funny.

Chad & I’s Thanksgiving #squattercouple Challenge 2014- One.Thousand.Squats.

Yup a whole 1,000


I couldn’t walk for the rest of the night, I was dead tired, and couldn’t squat for three months. We did that why?? Maybe this year we can take a walk in the park, maybe jog if we are really feeling it.. something normal..?!

If it will make you feel good, wake up and get a work out in but if not, no harm no foul. Thanksgiving is all about indulging in what you normally wouldn’t. No need to ever feel guilty- forget the media and the buzz about how to enjoy your day.

Be thankful, be kind, and EAT GOOD FOOD!

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