Just a weekend with us

..And everything on the menu

What a weekend! So many fun things are happening and what perfect timing. Fall semester is finally over (shout out to everyone on holiday break woot woot!) and Chad is officially launching his online business! I’m sure I’ll be talking now about it a dozen more times once we get things rolling

A perfect weekend for a little celebration trip I’d say?!

I think we just make up reasons to go to the city and eat good food..

Friday morning started with a breakfast date


Friday night ended with homemade chicken quesadillas & baked churros

Clearly I go all out with the whole themes thing here. And don’t mind my ziplock pipping skills

Find this great recipe here! 

We headed down to Pittsburgh Saturday night and went to our favorite burger stop- BRGR

I’m so mad at myself for not getting a picture but take my word- best burgers in Pittsburgh

We will both be the first ones to say, eating healthy trumps everything. You feel good, you’ll train hard, and inevitably you’ll look even better. But we will also be the first ones to say, eat good food to get strong. Sometimes our lives get hectic and stressful, we get bogged down and lose sight of where we’re going but- theres nothing a night out, making good memories and eating a good meal, can’t fix.

Today is Monday and I can’t say that I woke up feeling lean as a bean


I can’t say I woke up feeling like Beyoncè either

But I will be drinking plenty of water, getting to the gym, and eating some normal weekday meals.

Always care for your mind and body in the best way possible; nourish it, treat it, and love it unconditionally

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