Getting to the gym more is a great resolution but what you do at the gym is the important part

Once upon a time when Hanna trained at Planet Fitness, she had absolutely no idea what she was doing. I knew I needed to do certain things on certain days. #Legday was super trendy so I did that probably like four times a week. I paired things like “back & bi’s” or “bi’s & tri’s” because thats what Instagram girls did, I was intimidated enough to begin with, and I just didn’t know what I was doing.

Yes, those do say “Pinky Hurters” and “Donkey Kicks” – laugh it up

Those were my workouts. I was spending anywhere between one and a half to two hours in the gym, making up reps and sets in my head, and getting no where.

Like I said – I had no clue

Obviously coming along way, feel free to read that story here, I know what to do in the gym. I am getting stronger, my body is changing every day, and I am confident enough to share that.

My weekly workout schedule doesn’t involve hours and hours in the gym and I’m not doing booty blasting donkey kicks. What I do: I have two upper body days and two lower body days. I ALWAYS start with my main movement. For my upper body days it is benching and over head pressing and for my lower it is squatting and usually deadlifting. Right now, I’m not deadlifting so I squat twice a week.

The biggest thing I’ve come to learn is that training doesn’t need to be complicated to see results. With social media, “fitness” has grown to be this complex book with pages and pages of different workouts to try. Every  #instafitpro will try to convince you to try these super cool new “wide stance pause squat double dippy do’s.” FORGET IT. Stick to the basics and you’ll see the difference.

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