I recently came across a brilliant TED Talk by a Doctor named Joanna McMillan – instant girl crush. She spoke with such confidence and passion, I couldn’t turn it off and I wanted to watch it a million times more. The title reads “Eat for Real Change” and I immediately knew this was going to be a goodie. It was more than a goodie, it was a phenomenal piece that I think everyone who wants REAL change, should watch.

She brought up something that really stuck for me and ultimately why I wanted to write this. She asked the audience “Bread, pasta, and butter. Which doesn’t belong?” I immediately said ‘butter’ because it’s a fat duh. This same question was asked to Americans as well as the French and most Americans answered exactly as I had. The French replied “Pasta. Because you eat bread with butter.”

She then says, “Who has the real problem?”

Somewhere along our timeline, our perception of the food we eat was dramatically changed.

Maybe it was the constant publication of a ‘new and improved’ diet plan that guaranteed results, the thousands of new products on the grocery shelves that read “Low Carb!” or “Sugar Free!” Or our obsession with which macronutrient is the next super villain.

We are more concerned with having the least possible number of carbohydrates or fats than we are with the ingredients themselves. Why? Because we have labeled both of these, natural and needed, macronutrients as being the reason we get fat.

Which is false

Your ‘diet’ should always include a strong base of whole foods. Fruits, vegetables, and meat (or whatever your preference) should be incorporated throughout your day, everyday. If we want real change, we need to change the way we look at food.

Check out Joanna’s TEDTalk : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbeFn1Xcqo4&index=2&list=LLKpwrewOPExt8UtVvgREwkw 



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