I bet that title was misleading huh? I HELD STRONG! So no sugar for me and I won’t bore you with it anymore, WEEK 2 without sugar is in the books.

Fun Part

I’m finally getting back to squatting with no pain so I thought I would share my workout with you all. I mentioned before that I lift four days a week with two upper body and lower body days. I don’t do fancy things and I don’t try trendy things, I just do the things that are going to get me stronger.

A year ago, I would’ve never admitted I was proud to squat 135 pounds. I would’ve never posted a video of me squatting 135 pounds. To me, squatting 135 pounds was ‘good’ but not ‘the best’ and I couldn’t admit I wasn’t the best. I am proud that 135 is now my best. It was a PR in the new books, a PR for this training cycle, and a PR for myself.

P.s. Don’t mind the outfit – Like I said, I’m not fancy. And please enjoy Chads sweet, sweet gestures.

My day of training:

Squats – 4 sets of 3 with uno max out of 10 (video)

Single leg squats – 5 hard sets * low and slow baby, low. and. slow

Hambone curlzzz

If you want to see more training videos/how to do anything I just said/if this is even a good idea? – comment below and let me know!

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