It’s no secret that we all love Chipotle. It’s quick, good quality food that doesn’t break the bank, or your diet. There are tons of different options but avoid these mistakes to ensure you choose the healthiest ones:

Bowl It Up

I can recall the days I used to get a big ol’ stuffed burrito and it was great. And if you’re anything like Chad, deadlifting 545 pounds, feel free to eat twelve. Unfortunately most of us aren’t, save yourself 300 calories, and skip the burrito.

Skip The Sour Cream

Hello Cholesterol! It might be delicious but not only does this add nearly 115 calories (most likely more because they’re not doing a dollop of daisy here people) but WAY TO MANY GRAMS of cholesterol to that diet. Try Guacamole instead. It might be a dollar extra but its delicious and good for the heart!

Ask For ‘A Little’

I’m notorious for doing this and then thinking “dang that really is a little.” I love cheese and its better than Sour Cream (thats my argument) so I ask for a little and they normally just sprinkle a decent amount rather than an entire fondue fountain.

Chips Aren’t Required

I know they try to sell you. Those brown paper bags with freshly baked tortilla ch… I KNOW I KNOW THEY’RE GREAT but save yourself the unneeded extra plethora of calories, one bag can rank up to 570 calories.

Whether after a workout or a late night dinner, Chipotle has always had our backs. These are some of our tricks to make sure Chipotle can forever be in our lives and hopefully in yours too!

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