Yesterday was a really long, ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me’ kind of day. Thank God it was yesterday. In the mist of a slight melodramatic break down, I started thinking about all of the things I was grateful for. I was listening to my own thoughts, astonished by what I was hearing.

I am grateful that I don’t speak negatively about myself (anymore)

I was constantly telling myself I wasn’t skinny enough, I wasn’t toned enough, or I wasn’t strong enough. I took progress pictures every other day just waiting for muscles to magically appear. It became comfortable and I accepted listening to myself nit pick at every line, or lack there of.

I had to decide that I was more than my physique

Because I’m a sister to two teenage girls, who in today’s society needs a good role model as much as they need anything else. They need to learn about self-love before they fall in love, they need to learn about the benefits of a healthy life before it becomes a chore, and they need to learn about the really amazing thing known as confidence. I want to be that inspiration for them. I’m a girlfriend to a man who adores, admires, and compliments me every single day. He who needs my happy and confident self as much as I do.

I’m way more than my physique

Throughout what seemed to be the toughest point of my life, I found some really empowering people. I wanted to read their thoughts and try to view life from a different perspective. Kathryn Budig and Neghar Fonooni soon became girl crush uno and dos. Their message is real, they have been where so many of us find ourselves stuck, and they’re overall pretty badass/awesome. They truly are the role models we need and I would definitely recommend signing up for their newsletters/following their blogs.

There’s a huge difference between talking about what you want to change and working on what you want to change. I would never be where I am, happily and confidently writing on this blog without understanding I wasn’t living a healthy life. ‘The Healthiest Me’ is exactly that – mentally and physically I am the healthiest Hanna I can be.

This is a bit different than what I normally post but I know this would’ve helped me and I am hoping it can help some of you. It’s about time we change the way we view and are expected to view our bodies. Unfollow the bullshit and build yourself a strong tribe.

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