In the wonderful world of fitness, we get to see skinny mini lean as a bean girls eating donuts on the regular. Hell – Donuts & Deadlifts is like a thing. But if you’re like 99.9% of the rest of us, you typically can’t do that. Trust me, I know what you’re thinking – “Whats the perfect time to eat your carbs?  Pre workout? Post workout? Should I put some donut holes in my sports bra for during my workout?? Are those magical anti-fat carbs?? I JUST WANT CARBS LIKE THEM!” 

The simplest and most honest answer that you need to hear is that it depends on YOU. Our bodies are all unique in how we metabolize and store fat. Its really, really important to understand that not all carbs are equal, either. Our bodies breakdown and process high/low glycemic index foods very differently. That means donuts vs. apples will digest completely differently. Shocker, I know.

Carbohydrates release an important hormone called insulin. It supplies our cells with energy and also helps regulate fat storage and probably does some really other great things. BUT you need to use energy before your cells need energy. After sleeping for 8 hours, you don’t need 1900g of sugary carbs to “replenish your metabolism” – whatever that means. It took me two anatomy classes and multiple nutrition classes to even wrap my head around those processes so I don’t expect you to understand or even want to understand. Every “broscience”author doesn’t even understand.

What I eat prior to working out completely depends on my day. If I’m lifting in the morning, I’ll either have a protein shake or a banana. Carbs make me feel tired and sluggish and if I even try to eat them before a workout – I’m not making it through that workout. If I’m lifting at night – I’ll eat light(ish) throughout my day and have a hearty, high carb dinner at night. I’ve lost twenty pounds doing this, it makes sense, and I feel better than ever.

Takeaway: If eating a ton of carbs like @fitgurlpookiepoo isn’t working for you, theres a pretty good reason why. Generally I like to keep my pre workout meal light. Nothing is worse than feeling bloated in the gym. Post workout – when your body NEEDS it, eat your dang carbs! Have some rice, potatoes, or even some whole wheat pasta. Theres nothing wrong with you if donuts don’t bring you PR’s and Poptarts make you gain weight.

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