The first few pound come off the easiest but now what? Here are my 3 essential tips for skipping the plateau and getting to where you want to be.

Reason No. 1  You’re not drinking enough water

Believe it or not your body is 70% water. Therefore you need water. And not the kind with flavors. More often than not – you’re confusing thirst with hunger. Over eating can easily be avoided with the right amount of water. HORMONES! In my opinion, one of the most important processes your body maintains is your hormone balance. They’re like little factories, each with an important mission to help your body be the best it can be. Without hormones working correctly, your body is not going to respond well. Therefor, bye-bye any hopes of looking like a goddess.

Quick Fix: Buy a big water bottle and never let it leave your side. You won’t have to fill it up as often as smaller water bottles & its ecofriendly! 

Reason No. 2 You’re not doing enough cardio

Everyone loves to hate on cardio. Victoria’s Secret sells cute shirts about how you ‘don’t run’, every #Fitspo will try to convince you it’s like a foreign language that should never be taught, and lets face it – it can get boring! But guess what, you need it. Lifting weights is great but chances are you’re not getting your heart rate up like you would running sprints or hitting the ropes for ten minutes. I get it, no one likes to do it but it’s essential for losing weight.

Quick Fix: Steady cardio might not being doing the trick. Try minute intervals on the treadmill or bike, you’ll get your heart rate up + stay attentive. 

Reason No. 3 You’re eating too much unhealthy process grossness

I don’t care if it says low carb or extra 0g of sugar on the side – your body does not react well to chemicals. Remember how I said your hormones are like a factory? Well now you’re burning a fire in that factory and it doesn’t look good for you. In all seriousness, our bodies are not made to process things like that. It’s going to fight back and your metabolism is going to suffer. We dismiss things like protein bars or protein powder as being a ‘staple’ to our diets but in reality – we’re still consuming processed chemicals.

Quick Fix: Aim to eat your food in the purest and most natural form. Can you pronounce every ingredient? If not, its a no go. 

Whether you had a plateau or you’re still struggling to get where you want, implement at least one of these starting tomorrow, and I guarantee you will see results.

2 thoughts on “3 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight”

  1. Drinking more water is something I need to work on too. The biggest problem for me is those frequent visits to the bathroom. This becomes a bigger problem when I am outside. I’m wondering if my body will adapt to this 2-3 lts of daily water intake someday and let me go the bathroom less often 🙂 I really loved your blog btw Hanna, cheers!

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