A long time favorite just got a whole lot better

Tilapia – every bodybuilder swears by it and theres a good reason why. Being one of the leanest proteins you can eat, tilapia is a great choice for any meal. Not to mention its super low in calories + plenty of healthy fats.

I got home from work at a weird time, I didn’t have anything in my house, and not enough time to go to the store before the gym (sound familiar?img_3732) But I remembered I had frozen tilapia in the freezer,  most likely for times like these – leave it to me right?
I took them out and put them under hot water right away and within five muntes, they were thawed and ready to cook!

If your anything like me, I can’t do ‘plain fish.’ Sorry bodybuilders, I need some seasoning good good. To start, I heated a medium sized sauce pan over high heat and added a decent amount of extra virgin olive oil. img_3731I mixed garlic powder and a bit of spicy Montreal seasoning for my coating and it was heavenly. After cooking each side for about 3-4 minutes, I had a nice brown crust from my seasoning and perfectly cooked tilapia!

I was rushed on time but I wanted to still get a healthy lunch in before I went to the gym. I always recommend having some kind of frozen meat/fish in the freezer for when life gets a little hectic, it’s never an excuse to skip meals or go for a Big Mac. The finished product doesn’t look very pretty, fish isn’t the easiest thing to photograph, but it was delicious.

If your ‘sick’ of your chicken, beef, or fish – get creative! Spices and herbs are my favorite parts of cooking, you really can dress up anything without a single extra calorie.

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