Frozen veggies are better than no veggies

There’s always talk about the pros and cons of fresh vs. frozen veggies. Bottom line – your eating vegetables! Now I’m not talking about the cheesy broccoli, buttered brussel sprout, or sweetened sweet potatoes (unfortunately) but PLAIN broccoli, brussels, or potatoes are a total YES!

I’m a working college student on a budget, I know fresh vegetables can get expensive and go bad within days. When I see a bag of frozen snap peas 4/$5 compared to a fresh bag for $4.99 – ya girls gotta save. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing frozen vegetables. Check the ingredients list, if your buying what you think your buying, it’s a go! Not to mention frozen vegetables are flash frozen at their peak ripeness which ensures their nutrient-packed goodness.

If it was up to me, I would have a garden in my back yard with fresh fruits and vegetables year round. But let’s be real here. When you don’t have access, money, or time to buy fresh – don’t be afraid to go frozen.

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