A green shake a day keeps.. you full, happy, and ready to start your day!

I love starting my day with any kind of shake. I feel full and energized without all of the bloat that a big breakfast can sometimes leave you with. If I’m heading to the gym, like I will be pretty soon, a protein shake or smoothy is my favorite go to! It’s a really easy way to get in some greens and protein that you may be ignoring throughout your day.

My Green Smoothy:

Orange Juice, Ice, Spinach, Banana, and Vanilla Whey Protein Powder!


If you start your day with a great breakfast, your bound to make good choices for the rest of your meals. Sometimes I’m not starving in the mornings but I know if I don’t have at least a shake, I’ll make some bad decisions when I am hungry.

Let me know if the comments below what your fav green smoothy ingredients may be!


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