Taco night happens once, twice, occasionally three times a week at our house. Whether we grab a quick dinner at our local (and the most amazing) taco joint, or even shred some chicken and make it ourselves – we eat a lot of tacos. Tonight we decided to really go all out and make a few highly anticipated but very important sides.

Real Restaurant Approved Salsa

I’m a sucker for restaurant style salsa. And not the kind that comes in a jar.. we all know that isn’t the real deal! If you like soupy, spicy, and flavorful salsa, this recipe is for you! Not to mention it took five minutes.

In a food processor : One 28oz can of diced or whole tomatoes, white onion, big handful of cilantro, uno jalapeño, cumin, and sea salt — BLEND!

It doesn’t get easier than that. This is a great base but give or take what you please! Spice it up – literally

Can You Guac the Guac?

Yup, homemade guacamole! It was so easy to make and we had so much left over for late night snacking. I’m not a huge fan of store bought, I just prefer fresh ingredients and this was definitely fresh and healthy!

: 3 avocados, a handful of cilantro leaves + red onion minced, 2 jalapeños (seeds/no seeds completely up to you), lime juice, and sea salt — MASH!

Thats it! I love just going by taste. Chad even added a bit of greek yogurt ranch and Sriracha and it was even more amazing!


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