Why you should want a strong core before a six pack

Our midsection; it’s what everyone prides themselves on, or its the imperfection that we’re dying to perfect. I remember constantly thinking “If only I had abs.” I thought having abs meant I was strong and lean and toned.

I wanted to believe that this layer of, what I called ‘fluff,’ would disappear with extra cardio and thirty minute ab circuits. I just wanted abs. At the same time, I was destroying my lower back doing everything from paused bouncy smith machine squats to smith machine “deadlifts” and good mornings. Ya – ouch and ouch.

When it finally came time to lift properly (a.k.a the day Nashdog saved me) – my cute little toned abs were of NO assistance. I remember squatting 115 pounds and failing because my core just couldn’t handle the weight. I could barely squat because of back pain and NOW because I wasn’t even strong enough! Dear lord abs what are you good for?!

Build Your Core

I had to start from the beginning. I realized that your ABS and your CORE are no where near the same thing.¬†Without a strong core – you will continue to have weak lifts. Chad likes to call it your “power belly” because you truly need a strong core for just about everything. Squatting, deadlifting, and even benching – it all takes bracing a strong core.

My favorite “Ab” exercises: Squats, push ups, pull ups, planks, weighted sit ups, weighted pikes, and pushing the sled. Its not exactly the ab circuit you see on Pinterest and that’s because this is what works. We don’t need no foo foo hehe


I said goodbye to back pain and hello to big lifts + confidence. I never thought that ‘targeting’ my abs was going to be the biggest waste of time. Having abs doesn’t measure your strength and it surely doesn’t measure your worth. Build a strong core and the rest will come.


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