As of three weeks ago, Chad decided it was time to get back to competing and what better way than to sign up for a USAPL meet this fall. Wanting to complete in the 182 weight class, he has nearly twenty pounds to lose in six months. Let the process begin.

We’ve been sticking to a pretty strict diet of lean meats, lots and lots of veggies, and the only carbs consist of a whole grain something at dinner. I say we because Barb (my wanna be housewife name) can’t let Harvey do this alone. He’s already lost roughly five pounds and I just generally feel better.

It’s been a long three weeks of chip-less nights and its been an even longer few months of sugar-less days. As many of you should know by now, I’m a firm believer that a ‘cheat meal’ does the body good. And it was about that time.

Of course we couldn’t completely sabotage our diets so we stuck to a delicious and healthy dinner followed by a ‘cheat snack’ – spicy nacho Doritos and helluva good dip. And a few beers, what a good meal without a few beers.

Chuck brisket burgers (= the best burgers) + swiss cheese + bacon. All wrapped up on lettuce wraps. #Delish


As the weeks went by, there was plenty of temptations and Saturdays that we could’ve splurged. For him, having a shot at regionals and cutting down in plenty of time, means more than any cheat meal or craving out there. Everyone has their own goals and they’re bound to change. It’s important to eat for your goals, rather than to ‘follow a diet.’ For me, I want to help and support him in every way I can. I don’t plan on losing much weight but I do plan on sticking to our plan and feeling the best I ever have.I hope you all follow along with the adventures of Barb & Harv. I’m trying to convince him that we need a ‘Barb and Harv Show’ but we might have to wait on that. Its not always going to be pretty.. losing twenty pounds is not pretty but I’ll be sure to keep it real for ya!

Your favorite hollywood lifting couple – Harv & Barb

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