Searching the store for healthy snacks isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Every label out there has some sort of ‘healthy’ gimmick stapled across the front of it, yet the ingredients list is a mile long. We love snacking on dried fruit but it just so happens that nine times out of ten, it’s packed with sugar. Our solution: make your own!

These aren’t as dry as banana chips so they do keep the sweetness of bananas without the added sugars. A snack that’s healthy, sweet, and simple – easy enough.

Cut your banana into thinnish slices. I know a lot of people recommend a mandolin but to keep the ‘gummy’ consistency, you don’t want them too thin. I dunked each slice into lemon juice before placing them on the parchment to avoid browning. If you want to add a bit more sweetness, mix your lemon juice with orange juice! I set my oven to 215º and baked these guys for about two hours. If you want them to be a bit crispier, let them bake longer. If you turn your oven up, the banana will cook and burn rather than dry out.

Let snacking be a no brainer. We’re all human – we love sweets and mindless eating. Theres no reason why we can’t make it healthy!

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