A weekend get away is a weekend well spent. I love to travel, whether an hour away or days away, the change of routine and meeting new faces never stops exciting me. The best part about unfamiliar cities is the hundreds of amazing restaurants that come along with it.

Chad and I headed down to Columbus for the Columbus Crew home opener – with unexpectedly great weather and an itch for a road trip, we couldn’t miss it. There was beer to be drank and bratwursts to be eaten.

Our last stop before heading home on Sunday, brought us back to our favorite breakfast spot, The Northstar Caf√© in Easton. The menu is full of organic, fresh, and unbelievably delicious food. Their coffee bar is always stocked with tasteful coffees and not to mention unlimited refills – yup unlimited. I could go on forever about how much we adore this place, from the overhead seating to the fresh juice, it’s one of our all time favorites. 

You all know how much we love our tacos so it’s no surprise that our favorite item happens to be a breakfast burrito. Warning: Your mouth may water and you might feel the urge to get to Columbus ASAP. We suggest you do so.  

The Big Burrito

Two over medium eggs, sweet potato, red bell pepper, black beans, and sweet onions – all wrapped in a sweet basil burrito and pressed on the grill.




Seeing new places, spending time with people you love, and eating really good food – those are the small things that make the happiest life. Food is meant to be enjoyed, it brings us all together, and reminds us of the best memories. Sometimes we get caught up in the science and numbers but when it comes down to it – food is meant to give you life, not control your life. 

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