I like to cal these my ‘holy grail’ of snacks. I have been making these for so long, trying a ton of different rubs and spices, and they always turn out so finger licking good. I’m a snacker, you all know I love my snacks, and you all know how I love to hack snacks so here’s another!

I preheat my oven to 400º while I prep the peas. I like to lay foil onto a cookie sheet for an easier clean up, plus it helps with the crunchiness. Depending on how crunchy you like your peas, I can eat mine burnt and hard as a rock, I would bake them for roughly 12-20 minutes. More crunch = more time. When you’re finished baking them, its really important to let them sit and dry out for a bit. I’ve tried putting them in containers and bags right away and they totally lose all of their crunch.

Caesar Parmesan Chickpeas

I thought I would try something a bit different than the go to oil + garlic powder (though its just as great) and I spiced things up with a little salad dressing. When I think creamy savory I think caesar! After rinsing your chickpeas, add a bit of garlic powder, minced onion, and a tad bit of Boathouse Caesar Parmesan dressing – mix and let bake!


Note: Save yourself the guilt and go with a yogurt based caesar dressing. Same flavor and less than half the fat and calories! 


Sriracha and Ranch Chickpeas

Chad loves loves loves Sriracha on everything and anything and since we both need help in the healthy snack department – I put my own twist on his favorite!



Bake for as long as you would like and be prepared to eat them all in one sitting!


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