Traveling to the heart of Ohio to watch our favorite futball team has become a weekend regular. After a rough week of snow and slush, mid April has never felt so good. We had blue skies, the warm sunshine, and food – lots of food.

Our first stop was a food truck in the stadium – Hot Chicken Takeover and let me tell you, it was hot! Chad ordered this spicy chicken sandwich that was served on four slices of bread and topped with coleslaw and pickles. AKA heaven on more heaven.




Spicy chicken calls for beer and our first home win calls for even more beer!

We stopped at a local Irish pub before calling it a night. With a menu full of pub-like foods – how couldn’t you order beer cheese fries and chicken tenders?! Well, of course we did.




I couldn’t help but love this. I was guilty of looking at food as simply numbers, or lack there of. We travel to different cities just in hope of finding new spots with great food. I have a new appreciation for what I eat and how I eat. 

In finding the healthiest you and living the healthiest life, you have to find joy, love, and purpose in how you eat. Food is a world of its own – far beyond macros and sugar substitutes. It’s about coming together, becoming strangers to a new city, sharing flavors, and being present in the moment.  

Until we eat again, Columbus 


4 thoughts on “H&B: Eat Columbus ”

  1. I soooo agree with this! That’s why I don’t believe in dieting. You have to enjoy your food, otherwise you’ll feel miserable and sorry for yourself. Or at least, I would! haha! Moderation is the key!

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