Even when you order from the “light” menu, eating out may be a big setback when trying to lose weight

With our calorie conscious society, most restaurants are openly labeling how many calories in each dish along with beverages and desserts. Some have even taken the initiative to create healthier or “light” menus. Normally anything on this menu is roughly below 600 calories and contains veggies, whole grains, and lean meats. From the outside, a low calorie, convenient, and appetizing dish is exactly what we all strive for when trying to lose a bit of weight. If it sounds too good to be true, thats because it is.

Chad and I love eating out, as many of you know. Some nights when we get home late and we just don’t feel like grilling or cooking, we opt for the ‘healthy restaurant’ option. And some weeks, this happens more than we would like to admit. I always find myself checking out the light menu, even if I don’t always order from it, it seems like a great option for nights that I didn’t work out or just want something light. With options like salmon, tilapia, and grilled chicken; we convince ourselves that eating out does have to be so bad. Fast forward to the next morning and I feel like I ate an entire cow. I feel bloated, swollen, sluggish, and still full. If I wanted to feel like this, I would’ve just had a burger and fries!

Let’s Talk Sodium

Low and behold, these healthy options may not be so healthy after all. When you hear that restaurants pack their food with salt – they aren’t lying! Totally explains why I always feel so bloated and you probably do too.The daily recommended amount of sodium for a healthy diet is 2.3 grams or 2,300 milligrams – roughly 1 tsp of salt. I know what you’re thinking, “THAT’S IT?!” In small amounts, sodium is crucial for our health and can actually benefit our bodies. However, as Americans we consume way too much sodium unknowingly in our favorite entrées.   

After doing a bit of research, I tracked down the nutrition information for ‘light’ options that restaurants provide. I was shocked to see the amount of sodium in these dishes! Averaging over 1,500 mg of sodium and a decent amount of fat, these healthy dishes could be exactly what keeps setting you back. Just to give you an idea, two examples from chain’s near us:


Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 2.23.07 PM.png


Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 2.23.50 PM.png*Note: They’re in the same order as above

After a few weeks of only going out on Saturdays, Chad and I have finally started to feel like ourselves again. The bloat is gone and we actually have started losing weight again. Going out to grab a bite to eat is never the healthiest choice. Restaurants might be calorie conscious but not so much nutrient conscious. Home cooked meals don’t have to be a burden and can often times be even better than restaurant quality. The most impor We love experimenting with different spices, grilling techniques, and even making our own recipes.


Home Goods is the the place for seasonings and spices! + it’s super cheap


Give burgers a heathy make over with lettuce wraps! *Butter lettuce works best!


And when you have a cute chef, it makes it that much better hehe

By no means should you restrict yourself from eating out. Whether you get invited to a night out with the girls or have an important dinner meeting, don’t ever pass it up! These light choices are great alternatives for many of the other options. They are way lower in calories, which is very important in losing weight as a whole. But when you’re feeling lazy like us, just stick it out and cook yourself a great meal!

Chad’s Imput: “And you save a whole lot of money. Like a whole lot.” 

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