How To Fix Lower Back Pain

6 Simple Stretches Anyone Can Do!

Back when I was working out at commercial gyms, the only ‘squat rack’ I could use was the Smith  Machine (I hate to even call that a squat rack). With absolutely zero knowledge on correct form, progression, and weight in general – something bad was bound to happen. I remember feeling a really sharp pain in the right side of my lower back, just above my tailbone, but I didn’t think much of it. From that day forward, if I sit wrong, walk wrong, or squat wrong – I am quickly reminded of those days. After seeing a chiropractor a few times and getting x-rays, I was told that the discs in between the lumbar vertebrae were a bit condensed or deflated. All in all, there wasn’t much I could do other than stretch.

It wasn’t until the last year that I really started focusing on my mobility and flexibility. I remember when I first met Chad and I could barely touch my toes let alone squat below parallel. My back was constantly pinching and lifting seemed unbearable. Chad had shown me a few different mobility routines such as the Agile 8 and the Limber 11 and that was the first time that I really noticed a difference in relieving some of that pain. I didn’t realize that my back pain probably didn’t stem from my back itself. All of the muscles around my lower back, especially my lumbar, were so tight and immobile that they were causing stress and pressure on those deflated discs.

I have put together six of my favorite back stretches that open your hips, hamstrings, and back muscles. These stretches can be done as many times as you need throughout the day and they’re simple enough that anyone can do them. * I will say that I have found these stretches to work wonders for my back but that doesn’t mean they will do the same for you. Please be careful while doing these and if you need to make modifications – do so! 

“Not Your Gym Teacher’s Stretch”

  • My favorite starter to really get a good hammy stretch! Things to focus on: keeping both hips on the ground, push down on folded leg and feel a nice gentle stretch in your lower back.

Butterfly Press Down

  • Another gym teach fav – I know. Opening up your hip flexors will not only help with relieving tension in your back, but also work on flexibility and mobility for lower squats.

Single Leg Glutes Stretch

  • One of my biggest problems was always having tight, balled up, glutes. I know that sounds really attractive. I couldn’t even sit half way on a softball without it feeling like knives were digging into me. This stretch took a while to get to but it has made a world of a difference!

Hammy Stretch

  • The classic and best full body stretch! If I really focus on my stretching and breathing, I can feel this into my neck. Definitely great for your legs and entire back!

 Mountain Climbers/Warrior/Lunges

  • Whether you want to call them mountain climbers, warrior, or good ol’ fashion lunges – these hip openers are the best (do I say that every time?) for stretching out tight legs, your groin, and your glutes.

Mobility Squats

  • Last but not least – SQUAT! I find this works best when sitting into a squatted position and really focusing on pushing your legs away from the center of your body. Focus on driving your heels into the ground, keeping your chest high, and breathing! I know this can be uncomfortable but it truly works wonders! And I hope you like my fighting face hehe

I hope that these few stretches will help you whether you have back pain or just need to work on your mobility. I try to keep things as simple as possible and always find things that work best for my body. With lifting, recovery is just as important if not more. What we do outside of the gym is going to always affect what happens in the gym.

Thanks for watching and talk to you all soon!


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