It’s been a few weeks since I started focusing on getting more protein in throughout the day. It only took me weeks of ridiculously sore muscles, being beyond tired, and sluggish to realize I wasn’t doing myself a favor by avoiding it.  wouldn’t say avoiding, rather just ignoring. The truth is, sometimes I cannot stand drinking a protein shake. Of course when you add some peanut butter, bananas, and milk it’s going to be great. But after a workout or on the go, I needed something quick so water and whey it was. And it gets really old – really fast.

Knowing better, I put my stubbornness away and starting drinking at least a Muscle Milk after my workout. After only a few weeks I have noticed such a difference in my training and my energy. Protein is so incredibly important when you’re training heavy. It’s a nutrient that your body and your muscles crave and devour. Forget the stigma, forget the word “bulky,” without enough protein, you are not going to see progress in your training or in your body.

Chad and I have been really buckling down on our “weekday” diets but some nights it’s not easy! Considering we lift pretty late and eat dinner even later, we are usually starving by the time we get home. Instead of reaching for that bag of chips, we’ve actually been eating mini protein bars that we get from Walmart. They’re handy when you have them but they can get expensive. I’ve been looking for a great protein bar recipe but I didn’t come across anything that was going to give us the amount of protein that actual bars would. Well I took to my own kitchen, said yolo, and went for it. Leave it to my sweet tooth to make light (or dark chocolate) out of the situation.

With almost 10 grams of protein per mini cup, these double chocolate delights are the perfect post-workout grab!

Double Chocolate Protein Cups

1 can black beans, 2 scoops chocolate whey protein, 1/2 cup oats, 1 Tbsp. cocoa powder, 1/2 tsp. baking soda, 2 eggs, and COFFFEEEE! 

I mixed the dry and wet separate. Coffee was a last minute, it was just there kind of thing but it turned out great! I love black coffee but of course, it will make these a bit more bitter. Feel free to sub it out for milk or water.

I used a pastry cutter to smash the black beans rather that purée them. I wanted a thicker texture and I knew the egg and coffee would lighten it up.

I added a few fun toppings but feel free to add whatever you want! I used mini chocolate chips and chopped walnuts and they worked perfectly!

I’m so excited to say that these actually turned out very well! Considering I went all yolo and everything. I will be bringing them with me to the gym tonight and maybe I’ll even get Chad’s review on here? I hope you enjoy this recipe and be sure to tag me so I can see all of your recipes and reviews!

8 thoughts on “Chocolate Coffee Protein Muffins”

  1. Great idea! Those look delicious. I think getting enough protein is one of those things you know you *should* do, but it’s easy to forget. I love having quick and easy sources to aid in muscle repair and recovery. Thank you for sharing!

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