Whether you do it, wish you did more of it, or can’t seem to get past savasana, HAPPY NATIONAL YOGA DAY!

Being someone who ‘wishes they did more of it,’ kudos to all of you Yogi’s out there! Today is your day!

I’ve been seeing a ton of yogi pictures today and each and every one of them sharing the light and positivity that comes with yoga. And it was quite refreshing. Yoga is something that is very individual and personal on all levels, it’s something that is never a competition or a comparison. For me, its something I wish I did more of but then again, its personal.

After a rough freshman year, I invested a lot of time in practicing yoga and meditation and I truly believe it is what got me through that year. I was never perfect, I was never an expert (or even intermediate for that matter), but I had to learn that that was okay. When I started into this fitness industry, I was surrounded by comparison and constant competition. With yoga, its you, yourself, and well you. I had to listen to my own thoughts for once, I had to put down my phone, and I had to be happy with myself. As cheesy as it sounds, yoga made me love myself.

If you’ve always wanted to give it a go – do it. Follow your own practice and don’t be afraid of messing up or looking dumb. I think a pretty well known mantra in the yoga community has something to do with “Practice, not perfection” and those words hold true to everything in life. Yoga allows you to simply slow down and appreciate the present moment, both crucial for moving forward.

Today is National Yoga Day and I did not do yoga. I did abs – so that counts? But for all of you happy radiant positive Yogi’s out there, THANK YOU

My fav BA bombsell Yogi – Kathryn Budig and proof of her BA-ness.

A little throwback yoga pup

IMG_0060 (1).jpg

IMG_1131 (1).jpgIMG_1805 (1).jpgIMG_3077.jpg

Yes, of course we lick our mats. Don’t you?

Happy National Yoga Day!


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