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I LOVE reading other bloggers weekly or even monthly favorites yet I’ve never put much thought into my own. Maybe it was just a coincidence but this week I had so many fun things I wanted to share with you guys! As I’m continuing through school as a Nutrition student/constantly tweaking and learning about my own body and diet, I feel like I’m constantly learning and trying so many things that could be valuable to some of my readers.

NO. 1 Nutrient Timing

Roughly a week ago, Chad told me about a must listen to podcast on Joe DeFranco’s Industrial Strength Show. It featured a doctor by the name of Tom Bilella who is an expert in metabolic nutrition. Dr. Bilella earned his masters degree in Human Nutrition, received a post graduate degree in Chiropractic, and holds a handful of certifications. Read more about him here!

During his interview/great bs session with Joe, Dr. Tom brought us a book that Chad and I knew we needed. Personally, I have always been so intrigued with the chemistry and science behind human nutrition – especially ‘sports’ nutrition. Both, Chad and I believe that nutrient timing is so so so important for athletes and strength training in general. Before I start ranting about that, I’ll just tell you about the book!

Nutrient Timing by John Ivy, Ph.D., and Robert Portman, Ph.D.

I feel like thats way too bloggy of a picture for that masculine of a book. These brilliant doctors explore and argue the importance of meal or nutrient timing for the body. I plan on taking as many notes as I can and reading it about three times. I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes!


Okay so.. this isn’t really as healthy as I would like but.. we’ve been eating them.. often. This is actually the smaller version (2 oz.) and I have only seen these at specialty stores like GNC or The Vitamin Shoppe. Most groceries sell the giant version (4 oz.) but the little guy is just enough for us! I, of course, like the fact that they’re all natural and contain a decent amount of fiber and protein. For our late night cravings, these have been pretty great!


NO. 3 Lazy Girl Salad

If I’m not preparing a beautiful salad for at least two, I’m not preparing a beautiful salad! I found these salad kits by Taylor Farms when I wanted a quick caesar salad one night. The best part about these is the fact that they use such fresh and nutrient rich greens unlike some ‘salad mixes.’ They give you a little pouch of dressing ( I only use about half and its plenty) and some kind of fresh cheese and croutons. For a quick lunch by myself, these are so great! I usually just add some chicken and I’ll get a few days out of one bag.



Ah rejoice and balance in the world – Red Hot Chili Peppers finally lease their new album! After teasing us with three singles, this album was everything we hoped for! We are always listening to good music, thats one thing that Chad and I have always had in common. With our mutual love for these guys, we were so excited about the release and we’ve listened to it probably ten times now. Whether before a work out, during or after, we love love love their music.

I hope you guys liked this post, I know its different than what I normally do but hey, who doesn’t love a little new! HAPPY FIRST WEEK OF SUMMER and first week of FAVS!

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