Things have been a little different in my world lately. With our big move in only two weeks, I feel like time is passing faster than ever. Though our lives seem like they’re in limbo, we’re trying really hard to keep our training and diets in check. While Chad is trying to cut down for a powerlifting meet and I’m just tagging along, we decided to keep our “cheat nights” as an every other Saturday type deal, skip the late night chips and dip, and definitely stay away from any sweets. But we all know my sweet tooth is way stronger than my will power so I had to do it. Guilty as charged, these chocolate chip protein cookies are soft, chewy, and perfect for any diet.

We have been totally loving Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookies, they have definitely saved us on nights that we’re tempted to go for the creamsicle ice cream hidden in the freezer. Though these aren’t vegan, gluten free, or remotely sugar free – these chocolate chip cookies are the perfect guilt free treat and still packed with protein. This recipe is big – making roughly 25 cookies depending on how big you decide to make them. I know Lenny’s are fairly big but Chad and I split them anyways so I decided to roll my dough in one inch balls. Feel free to cut it in half!

Let’s Get Started!

Mix together your dry ingredients: 2 Cups of whole wheat flour (or flour of our choice), 1 tsp. Baking powder, 1 tsp. Cornstarch

Add next: 1 Cup of light brown sugar, 4 tbsp. Unsalted butter slightly melted, 4 tsp. Vanilla extract, and 2 eggs


This part is optional: I decided I wanted a bit more protein so I added one scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream whey protein powder. *Optional Problem: After mixing everything together, it might seem a bit dry. I added just a dash of skim milk to my ingredients and it was perfect for creating a thick cookie dough.

I did not let my dough chill for my first batch, rather only my second. And I have to say, it didn’t make much of a difference at all. If you plan on waiting a bit between baking, I would just throw your dough into the fridge so it doesn’t completely melt but if you’re in a hurry, no need!

Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes or until the bottom is just beggining to brown. When baking with protein powder, things seem to be a bit more dry so I took this out maybe a minute early and they were perfect chewy ooey gooey softness.

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