Why Sticking To It, Shouldn’t Be So Hard

The Biggest Mistakes Dieters Make

From trendy diets to yo-yo habits, we’ve all been there. Whether you’re just starting a diet or restarting a diet, there’s a few reasons why things might not work out for you, if they haven’t already.

Diets are known for being short-term,  miserable, and disappointing. Whenever a new trendy diet pops into media, everyone swears it was sent from the God’s themselves, that nothing stands in your way of getting that dream body or goal weight you’ve wanted for so long. Wrong. There are HUGE obstacles standing in your way, a matter of fact, there are mountains between you and whatever goal you have in your head. First there is excitement and confidence, slowly that turns into anguish, and before you know it you’re left disappointed with nothing to show for it.

Too Many Big Changes

When you first decide that this is it, you feel like you can conquer Whole Food’s with a kale shake by your side. But before you run out and buy plenty of food that will spoil in your fridge – take a deep breath and be realistic.

It’s easy to get inspired and motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. You ditch the chips, white pasta, and sugary desserts, start hitting the gym, and before you know it you’re doing it! The mistake here is trying to do it all at once. Making a lifestyle change and trying to break bad habits is hard for anyone, so don’t pressure yourself to do it all in one day. Ease yourself into new habits, try new simple recipes, and set some short-term goals.

Everyone has a Day 1, even every #Fitguru had to start somewhere. It’s so important to find a realistic routine or rhythm that works for you and your lifestyle.

Restrict Yourself Completely

I think every dieter is guilty of this one.

We’ve all passed up a slice of pie here and ditched our night out there. When you first start eating healthier foods, it’s really hard to let yourself indulge. For some, they feel like one bad choice (or great choice) can lead to another and another so they would rather just say no. And for others, they’ve restricted their bodies for so long, saying no is just natural.

Over the last few years, a new-ish ED term known as Binge Eating has made it’s way into may of our vocabs. For those of you who might not know, it’s considered disorderly eating due to restricting yourself and then over eating/indulging. When you make major changes in your eating habits and completely restrict yourself from any treats or good meals, you are depleting and mentally punishing yourself for no good reason. So then when no ones looking, you grab the chips and eat more than you would’ve if you had a few after a good leg day.

The word diet should represent how you eat, every day for the rest of your life, not categorizing what foods you should and should not eat. Finding a sustainable, life long way of eating comes with listening to your body, rewarding yourself with delicious foods, and enjoying every bite. I found a way to lose twenty five pounds while having a cheat meal every Saturday. Ice cream, pizza, beer you name it, I ate it. For all of the years that I didn’t let myself have anything tasty, I will be sure to have double the amount for the rest of my life.

Skip Out On Whole Foods

The shakes, and bars, and zero cal. mac n’ cheese – why would you eat steak and vegetables??

With the convenience of protein bars and delicious whey shakes it’s easy to forget about having a real meal. There are plenty of times when I would rather grab a protein shake then make some eggs in the morning, but one thing I have learned is that whole foods come first. 

Those protein filled snacks were made for convenience and thats exactly how you should look at them. If you’re in a hurry or need to get your protein in after a work out – they are what ya need! But if you have the chance to fill your body with fresh vegetables, lean meats, and plenty of vitamins to go around – do so. Not only will it keep you feeling fuller, longer but you’re replenishing your body with minerals and essential nutrients rather than processed chemicals that tell you one thing or another.


My Diet Takeaway and What Worked For Me:

  • Eating the right calories (Lean meats, a lot of vegetables and fruit, watching my fats)
  • Rewarding myself once a week (cheat day/eat something tasty)
  • Workout or sweat every single day
  • Drink water!!
  • Eating whole meals
  • Only having a protein shake before or after a workout

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