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This DIY Is Cheap, Healthy, and Incredibly Delish 

Whether it’s after a workout or even when we want to keep an on the go dinner healthy, I am a sucker for Chipotle. This is one fast food chain that I am totally okay with, and you should be too. Chicken, rice, and veggies? – Isn’t that Arnold’s method of success? All jokes aside, if you know what to order, and avoid extra sour cream, there is nothing terrible for you about it.

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Before we recently moved, Chad and I were picking up Chipotle two to three times a week! We always seemed to get out of the gym super late, already starving, and not wanting to cook. As delicious as it was, it definitely started to add up. Every time we both ordered, it was around fifteen dollars or so – which is roughly $45 dollars a week! Great for Chipotle, horrible for us. That is a whole lot of groceries for forty five dollars, that could easily make the same food too!

After a weekend full of not so great eats, Monday brought the big question of “What’s for dinner?” Oh, I forgot we can’t live off of pizza forever. One of my absolute favorite kitchen tools is the crockpot and I will find every excuse to make a big batch of whatever, in my crockpot. We decided to go with a long time favorite, Shredded Salsa Chicken – but hang on – let’s do it Chipotle style! Why spend a ton of money when we can have three days worth of Chipotle, at a fraction of the price?

Healthy and Cheap At Home Chipotle Bowls!

Depending on what your normally order, the ingredients list may differ. I knew I wanted to keep a few staple or iconic Chipotle ingredients and flavors.

  • I started with some instant white rice – any style would suffice and it is completely up to you, this is just what I had on hand. I purchased this entire box for $1.69 and only used 2 dry cups, which is roughly $0.42  #YAS
  • Chad and I both love the fajita veggies so this was a must! I picked up one large sweet onion and two green peppers from the store, sautéed them up in olive oil and
    seasoned with salt and pepper. All together this was roughly $4.88 and soo tasty!


  • CHICKEN! Of course I chose the easiest, and cheapest, route possible with my salsa chicken! I threw everything together in the morning and by 4 o’clock, dinner was ready. We had purchased a case of chicken breasts from our local Sam’s Club for around $11.50 (five large breasts), used the salsa we had on hand $3.00, and spices from our pantry. For everything: $14.50


  • Black beans came next! You can totally opt this for another legume of your choice, but black beans are our faves. I had a few cans on hand but I do remember
    they were around $0.88 cents at our local Walmart. Thank you canned goods!
  • What’s a Chipotle bowl without some shredded cheese?! Well, not cheesy. Again, it was something we had on hand but I am happy to tell you our bag of shredded cheddar cheese was only $2.50! Which we probably used ten cents of it.
  • OPTIONAL: Chad is more of a burrito eater, I was going to say burrito boy but LOL, so don’t worry burrito lovers! You can do this too! We picked up a pack of whole wheat tortilla shells for only $2.50 and it came with 8 shells. That’s $0.31 cents per shell #GOBB


All together this meal cost about $29.95 for all of the ingredients used. However, most of what I needed to actually purchase, we are going to have for a while. So the REAL total for our meal was about $13 dollars, $5.37 each! And we ate this for the next two nights, plus I brought some to work for lunch. Delicious, healthy, and incredibly cheap!

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