The Best Remedy For Your Stubborn Cold

The easiest chicken noodle soup ever

What a week it has been! I started coming down with a cold over the weekend and by Tuesday, it was in full effect. With only having a few days off from work to train, it’s crucial that I make those days count. Well, I wasn’t making anything count on Tuesday.

I’m not sure why it’s even a debate but I’ve noticed how people often argue whether or not working out when your sick is beneficial. And anyone with common sense would tell you, who knows. I’m sure you can work through a minor cold, and it might even make you feel better. But body aches and coughing up a lung? I think you should pass, a new PR probably won’t happen anyways. The truth is, when you’re sicker than a dog, the only sweat you should be getting on is in a nice hot shower – otherwise stay home people! Not only could you spread your cold, but your body just needs to rest.

With it now being Thursday, and finding myself reminiscing on all of the days that I took for granted not being sick, I’m over it. There is nothing worse than a sore throat and runny nose that just won’t go away – especially when you’re more than ready to get an actual workout in! It was time to bring out the big guns: my homemade chicken noodle soup. Why I didn’t make this sooner is beyond me. This is the easiest, healthiest, and best chicken noodle soup that I have ever made!

The Best Chicken Noodle Soup

What I Used:

  • 1 large rotisserie chicken, 32 oz. reduced sodium chicken stock, 1 bag of egg noodles, 1 large onion, carrots, potatoes, and parsley. For seasonings, I just used good old salt and pepper

You can make this last minute, or slow cook it all day. It’s super easy and so versatile to fit your lifestyle and taste – just another reason to love this recipe! If you want to use fresh chicken breast, that’s always an option too. I just love how easy rotisserie’s are!

  • I start by chopping my produce, I like to dice my onions, cut my carrots into circles (roughly half an inch or smaller), and cut my potatoes into cubes. Once prepped, I put a bit of olive oil into the bottom of my soup pot and let it warm up. I then sauté my onions and carrots until they are golden brown and even have a bit of char on them (this adds flavor!). After they’ve cooked for about ten minutes, I add a bit of chicken stock, just enough to cover them. Add in your potatoes and let cook for about 15 minutes.

*Side note: I transferred my veggies to my crock pot because 1.) I was running out of room and 2.) I knew I had about an hour before Chad would be home, thus wanting to let it cook longer and slower. But this step is totally optional. 

  • At this point my veggies and potatoes were only about half way done so I decided to transfer them to my crockpot and turn it on high. Next I added my shredded up rotisserie chicken (or any chicken of your choosing), and also a handful of parsley. Letting this cook together for the next hour or so.
  • If you’re adding noodles, I like to cook them just enough so that they aren’t too soggy when you add them to your soup. If you wanted to substitute the noodles for something like rice or quinoa, I will warn you, they tend to soak up a ton of the broth so I would recommend waiting until last minute to add it in.


Yes, it is really that easy. I don’t know why I always thought making any kind of soup was so intimidating, there were always so many ingredients and seasonings. But that’s truly what makes these recipes the easiest to make. I have learned it is sometimes best to go by taste, rather than measurements with these recipes.


I’m hoping after a nice big bowl of this delicious soup and a good nights rest with the help of my friend Vicks, I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow. Let me know some of your cold remedies/favorite comfort meals in the comments below!

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