“I’m trying to make a difference to those who keep getting knocked down. I know you’re sick of being heavier and not fitting into your skinny jeans. I was too! It’s time to take a deep breath and get ready to kick some ass.”

| For The Skinny Fat Girls

From one of my absolute long-time favorite blogs, I am so excited to introduce our second Healthy HappeningsFor The Skinny Fat Girls! Heather is the creator behind this blog, along with all of her own original recipes! She also emphasizes all of the credentials of health, fitness, and nutrition – starting with loving yourself. Her site was one of the first blogs that I had followed on WordPress and have continuously loved every post and recipe that she has put out. So, considering she is our next #HH – fan girling just a little bit!

She has come up with incredible recipes on her blog, all in which are made with natural ingredients with a whole lot of flavor! Being one of the most important, if not the most important attribute a Healthy Happenings post can have, working with Heather was a no brainer. Like her recipes, she was truly the sweetest person I have had the pleasure of working with. Customer service was fantastic, I got my package as quickly as possible even with a few snow storms between FL and OH.

Without any more rambling – please check out Heather’s site at fortheskinnyfatgirls.com or just click that link and enjoy! I will link all of her socials at the bottom of the post so don’t forget to follow her to see more exclusive pictures and posts! 

I was able to test out three of FTSFG’s products including her famous peanut butter energy balls, holiday special peppermint stick balls, and even a jar of her homemade peanut butter! The best part about it – every order is customizable. Meaning, she has lower calorie options (small or large) depending on your goals, along with gluten free/ingredient substitutions. There is a recipe on here for everyone – you can enjoy a delicious protein packed snack with zero guilt and worry.


How adorable is that packaging?! Not to mention the mini candy canes. Absolutely perfect!


Her packaging was nothing short of amazing. Everything was self explanatory and neatly packed making for a super easy prep time. Both of her mixes only required a bit of water or like the protein balls, natural nut butter – which she does include her homemade baggy of heaven.

I started with the Peanut Butter Energy Balls, and I really cannot stress how easy the process is. I dumped my ingredients into a large bowl, added the peanut butter, a few teaspoons of water and voila – perfect protein balls!


The combo of the steel cut oats, mini chocolate chips, and homemade peanut butter with honey was to die for. I could’ve eaten the whole bowl – balls or not! Incredibly flavorful and will be perfect for a pre or post workout snack.

Next up – Chocolate Peppermint Stick Balls! I didn’t form complete balls and only because I wanted to let them harden more like “no bakes” but I’m sure either are great! I was so surprised that right when I opened my jar I found another little secret gift – organic peppermint candies! Very similar to Peppermint Patty’s, but all organic and natural ingredients! Thank you Heather!

IMG_5882 (1).jpgIMG_5884 (1).jpg

The instructions suggested adding 6-8 tbsp. of water or even a bit of honey. After adding just about 5 tablespoons of water and breaking up the peppermint bits, the ingredients came together so nicely. As I was spooning these out onto parchment paper, I couldn’t help but lick the spoon! Sorry, Chad.


After letting them harden up in the fridge for about an hour, these were heavenly! Such a great mix of subtle peppermint, rich chocolate, and savory oats. For this time of year, these are the perfect treat when you want to keep the cooking consumption to a one (or two) day thing.

And last but not least, Heather’s homemade peanut butter which only has organic honey, roasted peanuts and vanilla protein as ingredients. This was by far the best peanut butter I have ever had (sorry Whole Foods) but wow! And knowing there is a bit of extra protein in there makes it that much better. The taste and texture were absolutely perfect, not to mention the christmas sprinkles on top!


This was an amazing opportunity and I could not imagine a more perfect shop for this weeks Healthy Happenings. Heather and For The Skinny Fat Girls, share such an important message that I am proud to stand with. It takes more courage than people think to stand up against the norm, believe in something different, and push towards goals bigger than yourself. She encourages body positivity and loving yourself, rather than selling yourself to the Gram. Heather is truly a great role model for every age group, every weight range, and I am so honored to have worked with her! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! — Everyone check this gal out!!

IMG_5819 (1).jpg

Not to mention these make the perfect last minute christmas gift for every fit/food nut!! 

| Heather’s Instagram – @Fortheskinnyfatgirls

| Website: fortheskinnyfatgirls.com

| Email her for questions/orders!  hthibideau1@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “Healthy Happenings: For The Skinny Fat Girls”

  1. Hanna!.. You… Are… Amazing! These photos are awesome! I am truly honored and privileged to have been able to work with you! It’s refreshing to know I have a fellow blogger like you on my team when it comes to the ‘real’ side of health and fitness! Being a blogger it’s easy to feel like your posts go unnoticed but after reading this, I couldn’t be happier to have reached you in all of those ways! All my self-doubt just melts away! I’m still beaming! I look forward to working with you in the future! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and don’t hesitate to place any more peanut butter orders! I’ll have my etsy shop open by the first of the year! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you so much but I truly feel honored to have worked with YOU! Thank you for all of your generosity and kindness. It’s amazing and oh so refreshing to have someone like you and your hubby emphasizing the important things in the health and fitness world. I am sooo happy to hear you’re going to open an Etsy shop.. sending all of my family + friends!! Thank you again, you are the best! 💕💕💕

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