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Find and stick to your diet

There’s a sense of comfort in trusting a new diet. Comfort meaning trust, and trust meaning hope and expectations. But when that diet falls short and you’re left questioning where it all went wrong – what next?

Its that time of year when every fad diet makes a come-up or comeback. The latest seems the be the Whole30, but for those of you who haven’t heard – it’s a 30 day diet that restricts you from dairy, grains, refined sugar, legumes, and alcohol. Without rolling my eyes and hating on this particular diet too much, I’ll leave it at this: it’s not good enough. 

Like many diets, the Whole30 has two major flaws in my eyes. One, this is a restrictive diet. Eliminating foods from your diet like whole grains, dairy, and legumes means you’re not getting those nutrients and vitamins that your body was able to thrive on. Whole grains contain a lot of our daily dietary fiber, they also contain Vitamin B, and minerals such as Iron. Restrictive dieting can also lead to a messy situation mentally. I’ve shared my experience with it and  I know many of you can relate. Sure, I can’t argue that refined sugar has any value to it what so ever. But I will say a few bites of dark chocolate here or a piece of pie on Saturday night, can prevent a murder in this house. – Totally joking

Speaking of your mental sanity, that leads to flaw number two – the timeframe. What happens after 30 days? Are you allowed to splurge on some whole grain waffles and chocolate ice cream? Your body doesn’t have an on and off switch. When you temper with eliminating certain foods and nutrients, you’re going to send your hormones into distress. When you cut out nutrient dense foods, like whole grains, cold-turkey (not the sandwich)- you’re going to experience some kind of consequence. Your diet needs to last a lifetime. Why? Because your diet, or the food you eat, is what keeps you alive. It’s what many of us look forward to or plan for, food is an essential part of our lives whether we choose to look at it like that or not.

Every fad diet shares both of these hiccups. But most people have to find that out the hard way – the disappointing, resultless, end. What every trendy diet doesn’t want to tell you is this:

The Principles – eat more veggies, reduce portions, and be more active.

  • The truth of the game is simple, if you eat more fruits and vegetables, reduce your portion size (this is a biggie!) and exercise/be more active – you are going to lose weight.

We always hear about fiber and how its key for losing weight and staying healthy. Well, that can easily be fixed with a few added servings of wholesome fruits and veggies throughout the day. Instead of reaching for your V8 Fruit-whatever, stick to an apple with natural sugars rather than refined. I aim to eat a serving of fruits or vegetables at every single meal, and when I want a snack – I eat some more!

Your portion size is everything when it comes to losing weight. Calories you consume vs. calories you burn is how you lose weight. That is how the body works. If you consume an excessive amount of calories without being active or burning calories – you’re going to gain weight. Simple. If you reduce your portion size, this reduces calorie consumption, bing bang boom preventing excess weight gain and even promotes weight loss!

| Think about it like this – 1 pound is 3,500 calories and if we want to lose a pound (to start), that’s how many calories we need to burn/not have in our body. Say you decide to start walking for thirty minutes, three times a week – that’s an average of about 450+ calories you’re burning per week. Now imagine you keep your “cheat” meals (or drinks) to one day a weekend and only have your healthy meals during the week – you could be saving well over 500 calories per week! Add that together and now you’re saving almost 1,000 calories per week! You’ll lose that actual pound (not water weight) before you know it.

Being more active plays into the same field. To lose weight you want to reduce your overall caloric intake, and by burning calories you’re doing just that! And though it’s true, you can’t outwork a bad diet – it does help!

Instead of following a trendy diet this year – I challenge you to find a diet that works for you. Focus on these three main principles and I gurentee results. When I gained 25 pounds, restricted myself, and thought there was no way out – these three simple rules brought me to where I am today. It’s not easy to stick to these types of diets and that is why so many people eventually fall off the bandwagon. Every successful diet has nothing to do with restriction of certain macronutrients, a magic juice or even a little pill. It has everything to do with reducing your calories to a healthy range, consuming more great for you foods like vegetables and whole grains, and getting your heart pumping and a nice sweat. Sometimes we over complicate things and that’s where we miss the boat. Nutrition and dieting is very simple and the sooner you stick to the basics, the sooner you will start to see the change you want.

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4 thoughts on “What Your Diet Won’t Tell You”

  1. YES. I tried a few days of Whole 30 and quickly realized it was an excellent path to overthinking and obsession (which equals weight gain) for me.
    I have worked too hard to attain a happy internal balance with my body to risk throwing that away with a diet that tells me certain foods are Bad and Good.

    SO glad to hear I’m not the only one! 😉

    1. That’s exactly how I am! No diet is worth it – if you eat well and stay active, you don’t have to worry about a thing! Thank you for checking out the blog girl!

  2. I totally agree, I follow no real diet. But what I do eat, is like a little more extreme whole 30. I browsed through whole 30 recipes and so many contain bacon!? Whole eggs, and large portions of any meat. I avoid all those things my self and I still wear whole grain bread occasionally it’s a good filler when I don’t have enough ingredients on hand. Great read 🙂

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