Triple Chocolate Truffles With A Green Twist

Decadent, sweet, and oh so healthy 

It wasn’t until this past month that I have had an actual truffle. Of course I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and the best of Instagram, but I had yet to try some for myself. As I was sitting at my hair salon a few weeks ago, my stylist offered what was described as god’s gift to earth – one chocolate truffle. It was coated in dusty cocoa powder and felt hard to the touch, but once I took a bite there was no turning back. I was in love. The smooth and milky center accompanied by the richest chocolate I have ever tasted, it truly was heaven in my mouth.

Over this past weekend, Chad and I had dinner with his family and again, I was offered truffles! Pumpkin spice to be exact. Falling in love all over again – I knew I had to make these! After looking into recipes, I knew exactly why these babies were so good. The base of a true truffles recipe is primarily heavy whipping cream, chocolate, and more fat – aka just heaven. Though these are a great weekend treat, I had to find something better in order to have an excuse for a weeknight sweet tooth.

After searching the wonderful recipe world of Pinterest, I was shocked to find so many truffle recipes with one very different ingredient: avocado. I love working with healthy alternatives like the black bean brownies. It can be so unexpected but never disappoints on flavor. I guess you never know until you really give it a shot!


I decided to go for it and hope for the best! After looking at about a million recipes, I think I have finally narrowed it down to the perfect mix. A few things that I did do are completely optional. You can experiment with a ton of different toppings and added ingredients with these, they’re truly whatever you want them to be.

I’m going to explain this in sections because again, there were many things that I did that you totally do not have to do. For your base, you’re going to be using 2 ripened avocados and 1 and a half cups of chocolate of your choosing. I decided to go with a dark chocolate but we can cover that next • Cut, pit, and scoop your avocado into a large bowl and begin to mash. This step can either be done by hand or a food processor. You want to make sure the consistence is as smooth as possible with little to no bumps.


Next, carefully melt your chocolate in either a double broiler or the microwave will do (just watch carefully!). After your chocolate is a nice smooth consistency, you’re going to add it right into your smashed avocado. At this point you can add any extras to the filling. I added one scoop of chocolate whey protein into my mix for a little boost of protein. I also added plain cocoa powder for a rich chocolate taste. You can also add things like peanut butter, nuts, or even dried fruit! Once your base is completely mixed, it’s going to be pretty runny. Don’t worry! It’s time for the fridge! I let mine cool for about 45 minutes just to make sure it was a workable texture.


After you’ve let it cool, it’s time to roll! I tried not to grab too large of a portion, your best bet is roughly 1 inch balls. If you’ve gone too big or too small, don’t worry, they’ll all taste amazing. Once you’ve rolled out your truffles, you can decide on your top coat. I used both coconut flakes and raw cocoa. A more traditional truffle uses the cocoa powder but feel free to get creative. The coconut flakes were heavenly!


I think they turned out as gorgeous on the outside as they tasted on the inside! Knowing that we were able to sub out a super high fat product like heavy whipping cream and replace it with a healthy fat option, is music to my ears. Now, I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this but I will, these are health(ier) treats – by no means should you eat every single one and think you’re cheating the system. You’ve replaced fat for fat, but a way healthier fat. Calories still matter, just enjoy them wisely!


I hope you enjoyed this recipe and will give it a go! Be sure to tag me #thehealthiestme on social medias so I can check it out!

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  1. Wait. Hold up. Avocado and chocolate mixed together? Oh my goodness you got me on this one. I’m a sucker for both and this is just a treat to even hear! Thanks for sharing! Xo, Stephanie

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