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It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to share with you a few foodie things that I have been loving. And lately, it seems like my entire food world is changing!

I have to be honest, I never thought I would be interested in holistic nutrition. Reason number one being, it was never taught at university and number two.. well there is no reason number two. As I am about to wrap up my final few weeks and make my way into my senior year of college, one major flaw that I see in every nutrition B.S. program, is the lack of holistic/realistic nutrition classes. We’ve learned plenty about how the body physically works and why protein is so important, but not so much about how important certain foods can be for the body and the HUGE variety of those foods. I’ll stop the ramble there and just say, I’ve taken a very big interest in holistic nutrition and the incredible and slightly weird foods that make you feel amazing.

I started following a few bloggers like Rachael DeVoux, RD of Rachael’s Good Eats and Rachel Mansfield of rachLmansfield and holy moly did they open my eyes! I am not afraid to admit that I am the biggest newbie when it comes to this stuff and am way behind on the trends. But I love learning about the incredible and natural products on the market. Never have I ever payed so much attention to not only what I am putting into my body, but how and why I’m doing it.

So technically they’re my first newfound favorites, but I will get to all of the delicious foods!

Sprouted Grains

First off, sprouted grains! After having digestive issues for a very long time, I tried the whole GF thing for a while, but more or less that just caused me to cut carbs completely. After realizing that wasn’t it and I was actually losing out on some much needed nutrients, whole grains and whole wheat breads and pastas have been my go to. I love the amount fiber, vitamins, and minerals that you get from them and I never felt terrible after eating them.

Not long after I started working for a natural food store, I noticed how many “sprouted” grain products we carried. I began looking into what that meant exactly and was astonished that I hadn’t heard of it before. So to keep this very simple: sprouted products are made from grains/beans/lentils that have been soaked for a period of time. This allows the grain or bean to release enzymes that help break down the protein and carbohydrate, making it much easier to digest and absorb nutrients.

{ This is a great article on both the process and benefits: What Are Sprouted Grains? Are They Healthier Than Unsprouted Grains? + Rachael Good Eats Sprouted Grains and Their Benefits }

I love having a slice or two of sprouted toast with my eggs. I am always left feeling full and ready to tackle my day, whereas I used to feel quite tired and foggy when having carbs in the morning.



So many gut benefits, so little time!

I have been loving my kombuchas lately. I swear every time I go to Target or into work, I have to try a new flavor and brand. I personally have loved GT’s for a few years, but with growing popularity, there are some pretty cool brands on the market!

Again to keep this simple, kombucha is fermented green or black tea. It is fermented by using a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) – sounds delish right? What this means for you is healthy microorganisms known as probiotics! Gut health is extremely important for your overall health and these little organisms are necessary. Yes it sounds weird, but no you don’t want to miss out!


The Brain Maker & Gut

With gut health being the common theme here, I thought I would share a few books that I recently purchased!

The Brain Maker The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain–for Life by David Perlmutter

Gut The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ by Giulia Enders

I am going to finish up my last few weeks of classes before I dive into these but I can’t wait! Reviews over both books were nearly 5/5 and each with their own perks.


Products That I’m Loving!

As you can see from the last picture or if you follow me on Instagram, you have noticed the amount of new products I have been trying! Here are a few of my favorites at the moment:

Protein Bars! 

  • Rx Bar
  • Oatmega Bars
  • ProBar
  • Health Warrior Bars
  • ThinkThink Protein & Super Fruit

Sprouted Grains + Better For You Products


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  1. I love the idea of this post!! Just sharing the new things you’re into and how you’re improving your diet little by little is so cool to read about. Can’t wait to hear more!

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