This blog post is a bit of a long one with details on our mini-vacay + what The Healthiest Me is truly about. If you want to read my blog update/explanation, just keep scrolling! 

Over the past few days, Chad and I took a few days off from just about everything and went to the city for a much needed getaway. If you happened to read my last post, then you know that we originally went for a RHCP concert on Thursday night. We ended up making a trip out of it and stayed for a bit longer than we anticipated, but I am so glad that we did.

We stayed in a hotel downtown which was in walking distance to both the arena and the best grub street in Pittsburgh. This was by far the best decision we made because we were able to get the whole “city life” experience and walk anywhere we needed to go. First stop was an incredible taco joint by the name of Bakersfield Tacos on Penn Ave. We ordered just about every taco and app on the menu including chorizo and black bean queso to short rib tacos. The chips and queso + homemade salsa was out of this world! Their roja salsa was like nothing I have ever had before. It definitely had a chipotle in adobo flare along with a nice tang. I was absolutely in love!



After a huge lunch, we walked back to the hotel and hung out until it was concert time! I was stuffed, happy, and in need of a nap (which never actually happened). The Chili Peppers have been a long-time favorite of mine and to see them on tour was a dream! Chad got incredible seats for us and it was truly a concert I will never forget!


After the concert we headed back to the hotel, ears still ringing, and decided to call it a night. Being social is exhausting! (lol) Just kidding (but not really). Although we were home and in bed before most adults, it made for a great Friday morning! We decided to head out early and walk the city in search of coffee. We stopped by this really cute shop, Bluebird Kitchen on Forbes Ave., and just watched city people for a while.

This is when I started to think about my blog and my message and goals behind it. I had wanted to sit down and write a little explanation excerpt for a while and after being in a city, I felt like I could finally find the right words – as weird as that sounds. There’s something about a new space and change of routine that can really re-inspire you. Just being completely disconnected from everything back home, putting my phone down, and appreciating every little thing the city had to offer. It was a really great feeling!



Okay so after an enlightening coffee stop, we were off to find the best breakfast Pittsburgh had to offer. After debating whether or not we would be able to get a table at one of the most famous breakfast diners in Pittsburgh, we decided to just go for it! Pamela’s Diner is one of the oldest, best, and well-known diners in the area. So much so that Barack and Michelle Obama have eaten there on multiple occasions! This diner was so charming, so authentic, and so worth the wait! I felt like I had just stepped into a time machine to the 60’s and landed in P&G’s living room. The atmosphere was incredible and the food was even better. I decided to go with a Tex Mex omelette and Chad chose the Pittsburgh Hash – both very fitting.






As I said on my insta, Pamela’s made my stomach as full as my heart. This mini vacay/getaway was exactly what I needed after the last few weeks. After breakfast we walked around the Strip District for a while, stopped at a fresh farmers market, and ended up finding a really cool woodworking shop. After talking to the owner for some time, we learned that her husband hand crafts all of the pieces and she runs the store. I love hearing about husband & wife tried and true businesses. When you share the same passion or hobby with your significant other, I truly believe it makes you that much closer and stronger as a team. Relationships are hard, and running a business is in harder, so to hear their story about a successful marriage and woodworking business was pretty awesome.




I left feeling so connected to myself, my relationships, and my blog. Everywhere we went was so unique and inspiring in it’s own way. The people, the city, the food – it was all perfect. I left feeling like I could trust my intentions and knew my blog was finally heading in the direction that I truly wanted. I felt like I was being completely and totally honest with myself, who I was, and who I wanted to be.

If you’ve made it this far, you my as well read what we’re all about! Thank you for all of your time and support, I hope you love it here as much as I do!

The Healthiest Me

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write a little update for a while now but I just couldn’t seem find the right time. Because of our mini and much needed getaway, I was feeling recharged, inspired, and ready to start again. If have been following me for quite some time, then you probably have noticed how greatly things have changed around here. And for those of you who haven’t followed me for that long, welcome to The Healthiest Me and I’m really excited that you’re here!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about a huge realization and newfound passion that I have for a more holistic approach to nutrition. With that, I’ve been really focused on creating healthy recipes and showcasing real, affordable, and easy meals that we’ve been loving. I just wanted to sit down and explain my goals and what The Healthiest Me really stands for


When I started my first blog, almost 4 years ago now, I really didn’t know what was going to come out of it or what I really wanted to talk/write about. I knew I wanted to help other girls in someway, achieve whatever goal they had in mind. That was the main purpose of my blog. The only way I thought I could do that was to keep up with the other #fitspiration fanatics, and that brought me and my blog into a really ugly place. I thought I was going to change the way we looked at the fitness industry and objectified women. My passion turned into anger and frustration within myself, and I could not pursue that. I didn’t love the fitness industry and I still don’t love the fitness industry, but I wasn’t going to expend my energy talking about something that I hated anymore.

In order to move forward, I needed to refocus my interests and remember why I started this whole thing in the first place. I just wanted to help other girls be healthy and find what their healthy even was. Constantly obsessing over why something should change, wasn’t helping the problem itself change. I realized that I wasn’t being true to myself and having that competitive/depressed mindset was every but healthy.

Nutrition, cooking and baking has been such a huge part of my life and I kind of put it on the back burner because I was so focused on the perfect body and achieving that perfect Instagram look. Yes I go to the gym and yes I want to look “good” but I want to do those things for myself and my personal health. I don’t want to pose in a mirror for thousands of people to judge me based on how lean or strong I looked. That wasn’t me and it definitely wasn’t going to help anyone. I had to find my niche and focus on what truly made me the happiest.

For me, there is nothing that better than sitting around a table with the people that I love and talking about how incredible each and every ingredient tastes. Food, the art of communicating, and having a meal with someone is one of the greatest fortunes that we get as human beings. Not to mention the craft of actually creating dish or recipe that tastes as good as it looks. I realized that I wanted to make and post about real life recipes that any 20-year-old could make. I wanted to create recipes that someone of any skill level or dietary preferences can have and love. I wanted to create healthy treats so you never have to miss dessert on a Tuesday night, because desert makes everything better – even a Tuesday night.

My blog has taken a major turn, but in the right direction.  In fact, the most perfect direction.

The Healthiest Me is my mantra. It’s a constant reminder that every decision should benefit myself and my health, both mentally and physically. The Healthiest Me means choosing to love your body after that Saturday night treat night and not thinking twice about it. It means allowing yourself to even have a Saturday night treat night. It means to choosing better and wholesome ingredients because you want to provide the best for your body, not because you have to or else you’ll feel guilty. It means eating real food made from real ingredients, despite what that low-calorie bar tells you. The Healthiest Me means doing what ever you want and finding what works best for you and your lifestyle, despite what anyone else thinks. It means constantly learning, appreciating and listening to your body.

I don’t count calories, macros, or even how many cookies I eat on my treat night. I eat intuitively, I listen to my cravings, and I do what makes me happy. Some RD’s call it this new and great “non-dietary” approach – I just call it living. No one understands your body or your mind quite like you do. If you are battling with constant guilt from enjoying a treat or slice of pizza, there is no amount of kale that can fix that. You have to choose to live each and everyday as the healthiest YOU possible.

The Healthiest Me is more than a website; it’s a personal choice and lifestyle worth listening to and living for. It’s different for each of us in the sense that we are all unique individuals who have a million different goals, but it’s also very the same in that we just want to live each day as The Healthiest Me

I just want to say thank you to every single person who has supported this blog, liked or shared a post, and shown me unconditional support and inspiration. There is no better reward than being able to inspire or change how someone views nutrition, food, themselves and the relationship between it all.

I’m Hanna and I’m loving each and every day as The Healthiest Me, welcome back!

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