It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a monthly favorites but May has been a great month and I wanted to share some new things I’ve been loving! But first, it wouldn’t be a monthly faves post if I didn’t start this post off with, “how in the world is it already June?!” Does anyone else feel like 2017 is flying by? I can’t believe we are already half way through this year! By this time next year, I will have graduated from Arizona State (hopefully) and on the hunt for my first big girl job (scary).

All in all, this has been an incredible year so far and I feel beyond blessed each and every day. I feel most grateful for the opportunity to speak, create and write to and for all of you. Watching myself, this blog, and my audience grow has been the best feeling in the world and I truly cannot thank you all enough.

These are my top 3 May favorites that I have been using and loving throughout the entire month! If you have any questions, need extra details, or even where to buy – be sure to leave a comment below and I will get back to you asap!

May Favorite No. 1: Super Greens Maca Shake


If you follow me on Instagram, then it’s no secret that I have been drinking this shake at least four times a week! Protein shakes are my go to’s for lunch because I love having big breakfast and dinner. Not to say protein shakes can’t pack on some calories, but this one in particular is low in calories and packed with healthy nutrients.

To start off, I like to add in 8 oz. of water. Not only does this contribute to my daily water intake, but it will also help with digestion and absorption of nutrients. If you can’t do water, unsweetened almond milk is always a great option! Next, I will add 1/2 of a frozen banana, as much spinach as I can fit, maca root powder, collagen peptides, and my whey protein.

I feel like maca should be a favorite of it’s own because I have been using it literally in everything! This “superfood” root has been used for thousands of years for healing the body and increasing energy. They say before Peruvian warriors went to battle, they would eat mac root to ensure their dominance in battle. Can you say, savage? All jokes aside, maca root does help to balance hormones, increase energy and stamina levels, improve your immune system, and boost your libido.

Again, savage right?! 

Overall this shake is much more delicious than it looks! When used in shakes, spinach doesn’t give off much flavor and supplies you with a ton of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Maca has a really great nutty essence that does contribute to some of the flavor. These are both the perfect addition to any shake!





May Favorite No. 2: The No Cow Protein Bars


As most of you already know, I am always on the hunt for a new protein bar. A few of my all time favorites include:

  • Oatmega Bars – Great source of omega 3’s + grass fed whey protein ($2.19 per bar)
  • Rx Bars – All natural, minimal ingredients ($2.17 per bar)
  • Quest Nutrition Bars – High in fiber, almost all natural ingredients *some do have Sucralose* ($2.24 per bar)

While Chad and I were shopping at the Vitamin Shoppe, we came across these “No Cow” protein bars, mainly because they were on sale. As I started reading the packaging and nutrition label, I could not get over the whopping 20 grams of fiber these bars were packing! Not to mention 20-21 grams of protein for only 160 calories. I figured they must be filled with synthetic something but fortunately I was way wrong! These plant based, all natural protein bars are actually as real as they say they are.

They had roughly six different flavors to pick from so we ended up trying the blueberry cobbler, white chocolate raspberry, and mint chocolate chip. At first, we were a bit thrown off by the texture – not in a bad way. They do mimic the appearance of a Quest bar, however the texture is much more enjoyable. Unlike Quest bars, No Cow bars are light, creamy without being sticky and very easy to eat.

Another noticeable difference from Quest, is how naturally sweet they taste. I tend to pick up on sugar substitutes very well, especially Sucralose, and I know many Quest bars use it. These No Cow bars are very flavorful, rich, and authentic tasting. I do not taste any sugar alcohol or substitute what so ever!

As for flavors, we decided to buy an entire box and had to go with the dark chocolate raspberry (which we did not try first) and I am so glad we did. It is by far the best flavor we have tried! As I said before, these bars are creamy and rich, so the dark chocolate with hints of raspberry works so well!

All I can say is D’s Natural’s No Cow protein bars have officially been added to my list of all time favorites!




May Favorite No. 3: Mindfulness, My Mat, and Yoga With Adriene


May was filled with testing and loving some new products, as well as finding my way back into my yoga practice. It was something I strayed away from for the last year because I wasn’t willing to see it for more than a healing practice. I forgot how much joy it brought me, and how incredibly vulnerable it allows you to be. During the second week of May, I did start to feel anxious and extremely stressed out, I felt like I was watching myself from across the room. I didn’t recognize this stress until the third week of May when I was introduced to the art of mindfulness. (And how it just didn’t exist in my world) 

By definition, being mindful or practicing mindfulness means being completely aware, conscious, and in the present moment. It means you are brought back by your breath, into reality and reminded you are important and you are alive. That moment and recognition changed the way I felt with stress this month. I no longer felt like my ind was out of my own control. I lived May in the present; I enjoyed each and every day with a light and mindful heart.

I set out to find something or someone that could re-ignite my yoga joy, and actually make want to stick to my practice. Before I go any further, let me just say I love and have always loved keeping my practice at home. For me, it’s more about the moment with myself and what feels good, rather than a class with 25+ people and critiques. I may/probably do most things incorrectly (tight hamstrings for life) but it feels right for me. That does not mean going to class is wrong, bad, or something I never do. But for the sake of getting back into the swing of things, I’m loving a good home practice.

With that, I pulled up safari and searched for the best online something that I could find. Whether it was fate or just a good SEO, I found Yoga With Adriene. Adrienne is a yoga teacher based out of Austin, Texas who also teaches online classes through YouTube. Her channel, Yoga With Adriene, has nearly two and a half million subscribers and has a yoga video for absolutely everyone. She is also the co founder of Find What Feels Good – which is both her awesome mantra and business.

After doing just about every video for stress in one week, I knew I was hooked. Not only are her sequences fun and enjoyable, but her personality and light is so inviting. Intimidation, judgement, and comparison doesn’t even exist on her channel. She is all about doing whats right for you and your body, and finding what feels good.

After a few weeks of yoga on shag carpet, Chad bought me the best best best new yoga mat. The color, the depth, the feel is all just so perfect. And the fact that it came from him was just icing on the cake. Being with someone who supports you through all of your transitions in life is like nothing else. If there was a word to describe love beyond love, it would be this and us.



Just as the previous months have come and gone, May is just about over and June is quickly approaching. I learned more about myself this month than I have in quite some time. I learned how important it is to cherish and live in the present moment at all times. How even the smallest shared moments mean more than any future plans you might have. Life is filled with uncertainty, so why live in the future? Appreciate everything you have in that second, don’t dwell on the past, and be hopeful not anxious for the future.

I hope everyone had an incredible month and has an even better June! Hello Summer! 

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  1. I love Adriene’s yoga videos! So down to earth and she’s got a video for literally every thing you could be going through at any given time.

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