“My relationship with food has fluctuated greatly throughout my life. As a collegiate athlete, I didn’t think twice when it came to fueling my body. It was when the structure of athletics ended that my relationship with food became abusive, so to say. The trend of competitions based on visuals of bodies became more popular, and it was then that food became my enemy. I no longer viewed food as fuel, but as something that was potentially destructive to my goals. It was the extreme decrease in fuel, along with the obsessive physical activity that put me in a city far from home as an inpatient in treatment for Anorexia Nervosa. With great amounts of therapy (and food, of course) I was able to restore my body and mind to a healthy standpoint. I was then discharged and became completely lost in my hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. Weight loss came quickly and I struggled to find help locally in the realm of nutrition. I was blessed to find Hanna and partner with her to continue my improving relationship with food and also be accountable for fueling it correctly. Working with Hanna has been different than previous nutritionists that I have interacted with as she truly takes the effort to mold plans to my specific goals. As a nurse and athlete, I need a nutrition plan that is easy and flexible. It also must allow me to continue being the active and energetic person that I am. Hanna has always tailored to my goals while also kindly educating me on what I may lack in my thoughts of nutrition as well as what I am putting in my diet. Hanna’s calm manner, her open availability for questions, and pure knowledge has allowed me to put my trust into her. I continue to meet my goals and food is no longer my enemy. Food is now nourishment, a venue for social gatherings, and necessary to sustain my love for movement and laughter. I am grateful to Hanna for her motivation, partnership in my journey, and compassion towards those that are looking to better themselves.”