“When I reached out to Hanna, I felt desperate.  Even though I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose (15lbs) I needed motivated. Hanna knew how I felt because she herself has walked in my shoes. Hanna and I clicked right away, at the initial consultation.  Hanna is very knowledgeable, energetic and passionate.  She truly cares and wants others to lead and live healthy lifestyles.  Hanna has given me the tools to reach my goals.  When I need encouragement, she’s there to be my cheerleader.  If I have a nutrition question or just can’t decipher a label, Hanna is always receptive to answering my questions.  If I’m down in the dumps because the scale hasn’t moved, Hanna studies my weekly log and offers up suggestions. Her recipe suggestions and blogs are helpful too.   I’m grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of “The Healthiest Me” program.  I’ve been given tremendous support, resources and the bonus is I’ve made a great new friend and work out buddy.”