“I cant say enough good things about working with Hanna. Initially, I came to her wanting to lose weight quickly, but walked away with knowledge that will help me for the rest of my life. She creates a plan that fueled my body for whatever the week brought – running, the gym, or a long day at work. I’ve had so much more energy from the changes that she suggested. I’ve also felt fuller, longer between lunch and dinner. Most importantly (to me anyways), I’ve kept my sweet tooth through the entire process. With Hanna’s guidance, she assured me that it is normal to indulge in something “bad” for you every now and then. I feel so much more confident trying to come up with meals for the week or even make better choices when going out to eat. Going on vacation used to stress me out, but she helped guide me into making healthier lifestyle choices while still enjoying myself (and coming back weighing less). Almost everyone knows you should be eating your fruits and vegetables, but she really made it attainable for me. She is capable of helping anyone with whatever their nutritional goals are.”